Poverty has no seasons. Wecare Center strive to disrupt inter-generational cycles of poverty by providing food and living essential to people going through hard time.


WeCare Centre is a non-profit charity organization devoted to enhancing the lives of those from underserved communities. We are particularly passionate about supporting women among marginalized communities. We believe in openly confronting life’s obstacles with compassion to create opportunities to better support the development of the most vulnerable within our society

We are a multicultural community of believers operating through the Healing Stream Centre under the umbrella of the Redeem Christian Church of God in Kitchener, Ontario. 


Our goal is to work with underserved communities so that they can feel a greater sense of belonging in our society. We want to disrupt inter-generational cycles of poverty. We do this by helping to connect people to resources like food, shelter, community, and counselling. When those who are struggling feel comfortable, empowered, and have a sense of belonging, we all gain from a stronger community!


THE Community is Our priority


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We designed this program for all newcomers to Canada so they can share experiences, learn new skills, develop healthy habits, and to connect with the community. 

Here is a list of things we can support you with:
• Food
• Clothes
• Baby items
• Shelter
• Personal PPE
• Office and technologies training
• Crisis support and referrals
• Education
• Networking

women in crises

Trauma-informed approaches are used when working with women and their children who are navigating things like homelessness, domestic abuse, and financial hardship. WeCare Centre offers housing search supports in addition to necessities like baby items, clothing, and winter materials. 

We also help women find their next opportunities so they can confidently work through barriers to their economic self-sufficiency. We do more than just life skills coaching. Through guided resources such as our Women’s Futures E-commerce initiative, we also invest in them via marketable employment skills training and self-employment guidance.  

Inquires: wecare@healingstream.org or (226) 647-1080

Project Feed the nation

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We provide food and relief materials for people going through difficult times. In August 2022 alone, we donated over 3000 free meals to those in need in our local community. Come and collaborate with us so we can make an even bigger impact in fighting food insecurity! 


We provide free counseling and spiritual direction services to individuals, couples (pre-marital, marital, and post-marital), and families working through life and it’s difficult circumstances.

Inquires: wecare@healingstream.org or (226) 647-1080


check out our programs!

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Are you a student or youth seeking resources? Are you interested in creating alumni networks? Come to our collective were we explore opportunities as a community! 

When: Usually bi-weekly on Sunday’s 12pm-1pm  (online & in person)

Location: 283 Duke Street, Kitchener, ON N2H 3X7


Women's Program

All women can benefit from having a supportive circle of people who understand them. Maybe you just need a hug, a smile, or a shoulder to cry on. We are here for you!

Besides morale support, below is more of what to expect from attending our collective meetings:

  • having someone to pray with;
  • networking with other women
  • frequent sharing of leadership opportunities;
  • one-on-one counseling and teaching opportunities;
  • collaboration on projects;
  • exploration of the biblical model of women;

When: Usually bi-weekly on Tuesday’s 8pm-9pm (online & in person). 

Location: 283 Duke Street, Kitchener, ON N2H 3X7

men's Program

Our Men’s Program is focused on building a culture of respect as well as community. Because society views men as important pieces of the family, we support them by providing tools to help them navigate life. We encourage participants to learn various ways to help their families and the community at large.

When: Usually bi-weekly on Wednesday’s (online & in person). The time is to be announced
Location: 283 Duke Street, Kitchener, ON N2H 3X7





For Donations or other inquiry contact us by the following:


Office Hours: 10am – 4pm Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday

Email : wecare@healingstream.org
Phone: (226) 6471080


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